Team Sports Filming

Our Core Business! TVX Video has been privileged to have multiple sports teams contract with us for multiple years to film their entire seasons. Tough to film sports like lacrosse, soccer or rugby have made us better! But where we truly specialize is our ability to walk the fine line between not losing the context of the game, and keeping the passion. We also have the experience and equipment to overcome obstacles or to capture games from diverse angles to accomplish our mission.

Game coverage normally falls into three categories, and these categories commonly overlap.

Team Training – Youth teams just starting out desperately need to see the big picture, and having the ability to film from height accomplishes this. Finding the right points to highlight makes it interesting. College, Club, Academy or High School integrate footage into their routines. Dependably getting what they need, every time, is why they grow with TVX Video.

Recruitment – Playing for the love of the sport is foundational. Most want it to open doors to get to the next level. Being able to highlight athletes in the video, looking for the rare moments or plays that define who a player is, sets them apart.

Game Production – Many times the games themselves are a part of a larger objective. Growing a league or a conference or a sport, takes consistent coverage and distribution. Sometimes coverage can be as simple as allowing parents to watch games they can’t attend. Producing games on DVD, or uploaded to the internet or live streamed. Other times the coverage is scheduled as part of a package. Our SLC game of the week would be a good example of this, as we work with 22 college lacrosse teams to promote the conference to prospective players, attract sponsors and legitimize the league as a high level option.