Recruitment Reels

Whether you are a High School or Club Athlete looking to play at the college level or an aspiring College Player looking to step into the Professional realm, having great footage, shot from the right perspective, is a huge piece of the process. We specialize in capturing the footage from the right perspective, ensure it is high quality, and present the clips in a logical sequence. Each player is unique, and finding their skill set is the priority. We don’t limit ourselves by the cookie cutter approach of so many clips or minutes. There really is no magic number on how many games we need to capture or how long the reel has to be. A general rule of thumb is 3-5, games or minutes. Typically the more footage we have, the greater the universe of clips we have to choose from, making a stronger reel. The recruitment process, really is a “process”. To successfully navigate through this, we find that most athletes reels change as they progress. The initial reel is used to garner interest or present a season of play, i.e. “Frosh Year, Soph Year, etc”. Once interest from a school or team has been generated, the process changes to be shorter clips of specific games to keep interest and communication open. We like to use the team approach for creating reels. It greatly reduces costs for individuals, which in turn allows us to film more games, a win-win! Feel free to reach out to discuss with us your recruitment need!