TVX Video is a family owned business that provides Professional Video to our clients. Started by Ted & Hortencia Bendrick in 2005 and located in San Diego, CA. Our playground has encompassed the Western United States from Northern California to Denver to Tucson, though a majority of our work is done locally in Southern California. We have carved out a niche with Sports Video at the College, High School & Club levels over the last decade, with most of our business being derived by word of mouth and maintaining clients over the long run. Our abilities ranges from one camera coverage to multi-camera live internet broadcasts. Most competitors talk about quality, we provide it by using broadcast level Canon cameras and operators that have the skill to use it.

Our work in the business segment encompasses web video, commercials, documentaries and training video’s. Creation of content specific to a businesses core is our specialty. Our Educational segment works with individual schools to help them raise awareness on issues like drunk driving, or covering major events such as graduation, school plays, academic competitions and more.

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